Leadership coaching

Leaders have specific challenges and often find themselves in a lonely place. After all of the hard work to reach the top, you are then faced with a totally new set of challenges that you have not necessarily been prepared for along the way.

You may be fortunate and have someone within the business that you can speak to, or a long-suffering partner at home, who may not want you to speak to them quite so often about work! You may be a leader destined for great things as a CEO or a senior director/ partner, or perhaps a reluctant leader in a family business or driving forward a rapidly growing start-up.

Everyone needs someone to talk to and to provide you with the opportunity to articulate some of your concerns, anxieties and quite simply just to have some headspace for you. I provide this, with the insight of someone who has run her own businesses and been inside many others of all shapes and sizes. I have seen businesses run to varying degrees of success and often this level of success is determined by the state of mind of the leaders.

Leadership coaching takes the same format as one to one coaching; we will just be dealing with different issues.

  1. A six-month initial programme – monthly face to face and support as needed via telephone and email in between
  2. On-going coaching on a monthly/ six weekly basis – again with support in between, if needed
  3. An intense programme over two or three months – this will essentially equate to a day of time together, divided into sessions
  4. A ‘Finding Focus’ day together – an option, if you need an immediate re-boot either instead of ongoing coaching or to lead into further coaching
  5. MBTI – Myers Briggs one to one psychometrics to understand yourself and others within your team better



It's a bold statement but investing time with Clare has been the overdue gamechanger to my entire life.

Simone Goodman, Chief Financial Officer, Peakon


About me

I am pragmatic, calm and questioning. I aim to understand individuals in a complete sense. I am not looking for easy every-day coaching - I help facilitate change effectively and enable individuals and teams to cope with this, maintain momentum - and enjoy what they do (most of the time!)


Clare has almost effortlessly, facilitated conversations, questions and a thinking process that has led to new learning, development, greater self-awareness as well as self-belief.

Lynn Ladbrook, CEO Breast Cancer UK

Clare is incredibly approachable and exudes energy and positivity in all her interactions. She is astute, experienced in business and a world-class networker. She supported me with appropriate challenges and has excellent questioning skills.

Thea Roberts – VP Sales & Marketing in FMCG

I think that Clare has a great coaching style and I really value the time that we spend together, it gives me time to think and assess my priorities. I really like the fact that Clare really tailors her coaching specifically to my requirements. I feel that Clare considers her approach and adapts to my needs.  

Davina Barker, DCM Media



It's a bold statement but investing time with Clare has been the overdue gamechanger to my entire life. It's as if by magic to me how talking things through with her turns the key. It has not been easy - you must put in the work - but in a short time, Clare has given me the skills to believe I can tackle whatever comes with a cool, calm and positive demeanour.

Simone Goodman, Chief Financial Officer, Peakon

Clare has a real understanding of leadership challenges, and asks thought-provoking yet simple questions which give you immediate perspective on where you are now, and what you need to do next. I often find myself now asking 'what would Clare say?', anytime I encounter a problem! Clare is a calming influence and genuinely cares about your success.

Rozalyn Wilson, Head Of Retail, Astrid & Miyu


I was very fortunate to find Clare, not only did she understand me as a businessman she instantly got me as a person too. This enabled me to have very clear and open discussions with her from day one, she is patient, insightful and always encouraging.

Leon Neil, M.D. Vestey Industry & Retail Divisions

When COVID-19 pandemic hit our economy, and in turn my business, I really struggled. Clare very kindly offered to coach me through this process. I cannot recommend Clare's coaching highly enough. She asked me questions I wasn't asking for myself or for my business. She helped me have conviction in my decisions and find the courage to take the bold steps necessary quickly.

Jeannie McGillivray, Managing Director, Remote (Digital Development)

Clare is excellent at listening to what I have to say, and pinpointing the areas that need to be addressed, and her suggestions are small manageable steps that often build on discussions we have had over the weeks.

Emmalene Maxwell, Chief Financial Officer, The Fold 

Working Together

Whether working with an individual, team or wider business; coaching or developing marketing strategy – these are the key words to explain how I approach working with you. Questioning is where it all begins and the aim is to enable you to deliver your objectives – with some focused listening and considered thinking, in between.