One to one coaching

I once explained my approach as challenging but the word nurturing was fired back at me. I think that this is probably because I am not a soft touch - but I absolutely do care.

I listen, ask the right questions at the right time and you find your own answers. I cannot make you take action. You must want to. Enabling you to feel able to move forward yourself for yourself, is my job.

I am very flexible in how I work and who I work with. I am interested in people. I am not concerned about what industry you come from or what stage you are at in your career. You may even be taking time out and looking at what the next steps look like; this may be forced or chosen but decisions still need to be made – and the right ones for you.

I like to meet you and we can decide together if we feel that we can develop a trusting relationship. I happily work via a business or with private clients. I do not tie anyone into a set contract, I just ask for a month’s notice out of courtesy. Outlined below are a few of the ways that I find that I work with clients.

  1. A six-month initial programme – monthly face to face and support as needed via telephone and email in between
  2. On-going coaching on a monthly/ six weekly basis – again with support in between, if needed
  3. An intense programme over two or three months – this will essentially equate to a day of time together, divided into sessions
  4. A ‘Finding Focus’ day together – an option, if you need an immediate re-boot either instead of ongoing coaching or to lead into further coaching
  5. MBTI – Myers Briggs one to one psychometrics to understand yourself and others within your team better


Clare’s gentle authority, intelligence and empathy gave me the confidence that she was the right person to coach me.  She is mindful to guide without direct instruction, ensuring that I was well prepared, enlightened and able to take ownership of my actions and decisions.

Liz, Design Director – Annoushka Jewellery


About me

I am pragmatic, calm and questioning. I aim to understand individuals in a complete sense. I am not looking for easy every-day coaching - I help facilitate change effectively and enable individuals and teams to cope with this, maintain momentum - and enjoy what they do (most of the time!)


She is completely natural with her approach and offered me guidance and ideas that I hadn’t considered before which meant between sessions I was able to reflect and really see the difference our sessions were making. I couldn’t recommend her enough for anyone looking for a coach who is dedicated, kind and patient.

Zoe Ibrahim, Category Director, DCM Media



Clare is astute, always quickly ascertaining what will enable progression towards the end goal. Each coaching session has moved me on in my thinking with the result of being able to clearly articulate the means to get to the next stage.

Senior Lecturer, Canterbury Christ Church University

Clare adapted our sessions beautifully, all the time applying her same calm, confident approach.  She really helped me find clarity in my own thinking, identify my core values and come up with ways to incorporate those into my life, both from a big picture perspective and with day-to-day tools. 

Fund manager, London  

I found Clare open and warm from the outset and connected with her easily.  She is a great listener whilst also knowing when to come in and ask just the right questions.  She is not afraid to challenge you when needed.

Alex Grounds, Business Intelligence Analyst

Clare provided a calm and thoughtful mirror, and without pushing in any particular direction helped me work through the issues I had, and helped me understand the issues that were driving me and how best to reflect on the possible paths that I could take.

Michael Stanes, Finance, London 

I would recommend Clare as a professional coach whatever stage of your career you are at. She has provided calm and carefully considered coaching during my return to the corporate world and also when moving to more senior leadership roles.

Sarah Hughes, Senior Agri – Food Consultant , Promar International

Thank you so much for everything Clare, I couldn't possibly quantify how beneficial my time with you has been! Never before has someone had such a significant impact on my life without us actually meeting in person - I really look forward to doing that one day soon!

Rozalyn Wilson | Head Of Retail, Astrid & Miyu 

I have had other coaching in my life which has been average to great but Clare has something incredibly special. She listens, asks challenging questions but manages to be empathetic, encouraging and motivating all at the same time. She's also warm and human and I felt at ease with her from the first time we met. This is a rare combination of skill and great personal attributes. I am in awe of Clare's professional abilities and the scope of her skillset across business.

Benvon Crumpler, Marketing Director, Leisure Industry

Working Together

Whether working with an individual, team or wider business; coaching or developing marketing strategy – these are the key words to explain how I approach working with you. Questioning is where it all begins and the aim is to enable you to deliver your objectives – with some focused listening and considered thinking, in between.