Coaching pop-up days

Support for teams is vital through all levels of a business. Coaching is often used by senior executives - and other members of the team do not have access to an external resource, funded by the business.

The Coaching Pop-up approach allows businesses to provide regular support to their teams for well-being, career progression and mental health. This approach can provide a hybrid between an in-house coach and an external coach, as a deep and broad understanding of the business is attained but with a continued outside perspective.

Individuals may choose to be coached for a single session on a particular discrete issue, or regularly at each Coaching Pop-up day. Sessions are typically one hour long, with a maximum of five sessions per Coaching Pop-up day.  If preferred, longer sessions can be accommodated, with a corresponding reduction in the maximum number of sessions in any one Coaching Pop-up day.

The Coaching Pop-up service is designed to offer organisations and individuals:

  • more flexibility
  • wider access to coaching
  • a lower cost coaching provision (based on a day rate rather than per session or individual programme)
  • a chance to trial coaching
  • a benefit for the broader team
  • an opportunity to highlight potential issues/ awareness of ability, not identified within the day-to-day working environment

Prior to commencing a Coaching Pop-Up programme, I can deliver a short presentation and Q&A to the group of potentially interested individuals.  This will provide:

  • an understanding of the coaching process and the benefits to professional and personal development
  • examples of issues which might be covered by a coaching session
  • confidence in the confidential nature of coaching
  • an opportunity to meet the business coach
  • a time for any questions to be asked by the team



We are seeing tangible upsides as a result of these days and the feedback from the team has been excellent!

DCM Media - (monthly Coach Pop-up days)


About me

I am pragmatic, calm and questioning. I aim to understand individuals in a complete sense. I am not looking for easy every-day coaching - I help facilitate change effectively and enable individuals and teams to cope with this, maintain momentum - and enjoy what they do (most of the time!)


Managers get help handling specific issues before they have the chance to escalate

DCM Media - (monthly Coaching Pop-up days)



Mental health issues being tackled and the right professional help sought

DCM Media - (monthly Coaching Pop-up days)

Mental health issues being tackled and the right professional help sought

DCM Media - (monthly Coaching Pop-up days)

Working Together

Whether working with an individual, team or wider business; coaching or developing marketing strategy – these are the key words to explain how I approach working with you. Questioning is where it all begins and the aim is to enable you to deliver your objectives – with some focused listening and considered thinking, in between.