Leadership team coaching testimonials

We had an amazing leadership team experience over two days, during which Clare facilitated some really useful exercises and discussions. Clare’s approach and guidance helped us to explore important business decisions that we would develop further on our return to the office. Every one of us came back with a greater sense of collaboration, a clearer vision, and more energy to hit our overall goal. A truly fantastic experience that has become the foundation for a strong and inspiring team.

Leadership team, The Conduit private members club 

I have worked with Clare on both a personal and a group basis. Clare has great listening skills and quickly identifies the themes and issues to further explore within the development programme. She facilitated our group meetings very effectively ensuring that we got maximum benefit from each session. Clare uses some very innovative and inclusive techniques to ensure all members of the team can make a contribution. We have already implemented many of the suggestions that came out of our group discussions, and we are already seeing the benefits from these within our business. I would recommend Clare to anyone who needs some coaching or development within their business.

Ed Moelwyn-Jones, Claremont Accounting

Group MBTI with Clare was a real insight – doing MBTI as a group has some advantages. As a team we went on a journey of mutual discovery. There were light bulb moments throughout the session that made it not only a great learning opportunity, but also great fun to do as a team. Doing the session together opened up opportunities to discuss issues, projects and problems from quite a different perspective. I can honestly say the whole team found the session useful as we learnt things about each other and ourselves – that have helped us to understand, engage and interact with each other more effectively as a team.

Lynn Ladbrook, Breast Cancer UK (delivered a team development day focused on MBTI, vision, values and behaviours) 

Thank you for your support, you did a brilliant job in helping us, sharing with us interesting insights about team dynamics, facilitating our conversations and providing very valuable feedback.

OKA Furniture, Senior Leadership Team

To really add value to individuals within a leadership team in one to one coaching, it is fantastic if I also have the opportunity to work with the team as a collective group.