Why coaching?

Individual coaching

Below are a few questions to help you to consider where you are currently in your life and what you feel that you may need from coaching? All of these questions may not be applicable - but answer as many or as few as you wish, to help you to clarify your thoughts and to enable me to have a productive initial conversation with you in response to your enquiry.

  1. What has brought you to this website?
  2. Are you feeling stuck in your career - within the role, the business or just within yourself?
  3. Are you returning to work after a career break, time-off for health reasons (mental or physical), maternity or paternity, sabbatical etc..?
  4. Are you looking to adjust your work-life balance - due to family, stage of life, change in circumstances?
  5. Are you struggling at work - with colleagues, stress, demands, lack of understanding of your own personal direction?
  6. Are you suffering from a lack of confidence, anxiety or concerns over a lack of specific skills?
  7. Are you just starting out on your career and are not sure how to approach this?
  8. Are you still at school/ college/ university and are seeking support in preparation for the workplace?
  9. Are you a high-achieving sportsman/ woman and are struggling to balance this with your studies/ career?
  10.   Do you just need someone to talk to that is not family, friend or work colleagues?
  11.  What has resonated with your most on this website, to direct you to wish to progress this enquiry?

It would help me to understand if you have experienced coaching before and for what purpose - group or one to one? And - there is absolutely no obligation to progress anything beyond this enquiry - we can just have a conversation and see where this takes us...

I shall respond to your enquiry as rapidly as possible. This is usually on the same day, even if only briefly with a confirmation of when a fuller response will follow, or with a suggestion or a time to have a telephone conversation or to meet in person.

Thank you for your greatly appreciated enquiry. Clare Downes.

Thank you for your time.

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I once explained my approach as challenging but the word nurturing was fired back at me. I think that this is probably because I am not a soft touch - but I absolutely do care. I listen, ask the right questions at the right time and you find your own answers.