Why coaching?

Team coaching

Below are a few questions to enable me to understand what you may be looking for and to help me to understand if I may be right for you and your business/ organisation/ school/ college/ university. Please answer as many or as few questions as seem relevant to your enquiry.

  1. Are you looking for support for a newly formed Senior Leadership team - as a team, individually or both?
  2. Are you looking for support for an established Senior Leadership team that is going through challenging times, needs a re-set, is transitioning within a changing business environment?
  3. Is the support needed for a specific team within a business, rather than the Senior Leadership team - please outline details...
  4. Would you like regular Coaching support for a specific team on a one to one basis or more broadly across the business?
  5. Would you like support for students within your organisation/ place of education to help to prepare them for the workplace?

It would help me to understand if you have experienced coaching before and for what purpose - group or one to one? And - there is absolutely no obligation to progress anything beyond this enquiry - we can just have a conversation and see where this takes us...

I shall respond to your enquiry as rapidly as possible. This is usually on the same day, even if only briefly with a confirmation of when a fuller response will follow, or with a suggestion or a time to have a telephone conversation or to meet in person.

Thank you for your greatly appreciated enquiry. Clare Downes.

Thank you for your time.

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I once explained my approach as challenging but the word nurturing was fired back at me. I think that this is probably because I am not a soft touch - but I absolutely do care. I listen, ask the right questions at the right time and you find your own answers.